Time Attendance Readers

Time Attendance Readers

Fingerprint Readers in 2004 were first introduced by us to the Indian fitness industry with SYKZ, Lokhandwala taking the credit for the same. Since then there had been constant innovations pertaining  to the information that can be derived by the gym management from these Biometric Readers.

Access Control sits at the top of the pyramid, where a member can be granted entry only if :-

a) his/her membership is active;

b) he/she is granted access to, say gym and cardio area, but not at the Spa section;

c) Travel Passport – the member can go to any of the gym locations and work out there, without the hassle of being fingerprinted again at that location.

Dormant Members are those active members who aren’t regular with their workouts. Someone who’s not been coming to the gym for, say 10 days in a month, will be picked up by our system and such members will be highlighted to you. Optionally, an auto SMS system can handle this job on its own.


SMS Alert to the gym manager¬† on Membership Expiry, Balance Due, Wrong Time-slot, Birthday Reminder; makes membership management very simple and on-the-go. Every member is personally ‘looked after’ in the true sense, giving a very personal touch to the whole CRM module.


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