How does FM work?

Fitness Manager works in a very defined manner. It senses your thoughts and delivers exactly what you are looking for.

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Fitness Manager works just like Google, Facebook or Yahoo. All you need is an internet connection and your Username & Password.

The features are listed here:

  • Internet connection.
  • No setup.
  • Browser independent.
  • Export the reports to PDF or Excel.
  • Access Control won’t allow a member to enter if his/her membership has expired.

Corporate Login It is vital for the top management to keep a tab on the functioning of the fitness centre in real-time. And this responsibility increases if it is a chain of Health Clubs with multiple locations. Fitness Manager comes handy when all the manager needs to do is log in through his phone, and browse for :

  1. Today’s Enquiry, Enrollment and Sales
  2. Today’s Member Footfalls
  3. Today’s Follow Ups
  4. Today’s Employee Attendance
  5. Today’s Appointments

Member Login Even a member can log in remotely through the phone or tab or laptop, and browse through a host of features pertaining to his/her Membership Usage, Payment History, Diet, Assessments, Attendance Graph, and much more.

If what I need is on my fingertips, why should I be scrambling with reports or depending on my staff waiting for them to mail me the Day Close reports? ‘Self-help is the best help’ Fitness Manager made me believe in that adage all over again. Besides the support from Anayan team is simply amazing !

- asserts, Mr. F. J. Singh, Director, Pevonia Fitness N Spa, Gurgaon.

Analysis and Statistics


Graphs & Charts make up for the bulk of MIS features of Fitness Manager. Compare your enquiries, sales, enrollments, expiry or renewals on a month-on-month or year-on-year basis using the handy Bar Graphs. The phenomenal Pie Charts tell you a different story when you are comparing Package-wise Sales or doing a Media Analysis or looking at the Capacity Utilization on the gym floor.

Me being a stickler for Analytical Charts, looking at the sales trends on a month-on-month basis or comparing the current month’s enrollment/expiry figures with the same month of last year, is a piece of cake. Thanks to Fitness Manager, I can even see my Renewal Ratio or Age / Gender Profile as effectively as Daily Sales.

- says, Ms. Pooja Mukherjee, CEO, The Gymnassio, Thane.

Web Interface


Browser-independent interface makes Fitness Manager a pleasure to work on the tab or a phone or a Mac. WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) philosophy makes sure that you are not bound by the gadget make or screen size.

Why should I be logging in on my gym PCs when all that I need to see from Fitness Manager is available on my smartphone?
- quizzes, Mr. Nikhil Tripathi, Co-owner, Synergym, Andheri.

Biometric Attendance and Access Control System


Biometric Attendance captures an individual’s fingerprint and records attendance. No need to carry cards on the gym floor, no worries of proxy attendance. With a Biometric Reader in place, YOU are your own identity.

Access Control System (ACS) takes care of authorized entry by filtering out the unauthorized ones. Our ACS won’t let a member enter if the membership has expired OR if a happy-hour member walks into anytime access.

Right from Day 1 of operations, our Access Control System integrated with Fitness Manager software proved to be a boon at MUSCLE N MIND. It was crucial for our Access Control to be foolproof as we have 2 entry doors to the gym floor. But thanks to FM, we can keep a tab on memberships expired, violations of off-peak hours, balance dues, etc. in real time, just with the help of PopUp windows flashing on our front-desk monitor.
- says, Mr. Kamal Albeick, Training Partner, Muscle N Mind Gym, Colaba.

Fitness Manager in the true sense controls pilferage with this method, and a Report on such exceptions can be viewed by the Admin even if a member escapes the Front-Desk Executive’s eye.

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