Choose what you like, discard
what you don’t.


  • Enquiry Form & Follow-up
  • Membership Form
  • Receipt Entry
  • Employee Profile
  • Renewal, Upgrade, Transfer
  • Membership Reports
  • Sales Reports


  • Bar Graphs
  • Pie Charts
  • Appointment Booking
  • Trainers' Time-Table
  • PT Incentive
  • Cafeteria Billing
  • Stock Inventory


  • Medical History
  • Workout Schedule
  • Body Comp. Analysis
  • Diet Plan
  • TALLY Integration
  • Customer Feedback
  • Management App
Data security & aunthenticity

Your data is not our property!

Unlike other software providers we don’t snoop on your data. Nor do we analyse it for our vested interests. So be rest assured that your business is none of our business.