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Why Fitness Manager is just right for a gym like yours?

Thoughtfully design

Thoughtfully designed

With an industry experience of 20 years, we know the nuts and bolts of gym management software. There’s nothing you will find missing in FM with our smooth interface.

App management

Management App

Remotely manage your centers, revenue summary, conversions and member footfalls. Android or iPhone – carry your gym wherever you go!

Exception reports

Exception Reporting

Get an alert on Follow Ups missed by your sales team. SMS alert when a member jumps the access system or when a PT drags even after expiry.

Fitnee management software features


Members App

Every member can check the progress, diet, workout, attendance, make payments, book appointments, post a feedback, refer a buddy…. and much more, all on the smartphone. FM App - so thoughtful, it anticipates your every need, so much so you'd think it could read your mind!

Time Attendance Readers

Attendance Popup gets displayed at the Reception, so no member escapes the warm greeting from your Sales Executive. Birthday and Wedding Anniversary jingles, Expiry and Balance Alerts – we keep the front-desk busy at all times!

Payment Gateway

Get ready to beat the front-desk negotiations, go cashless. Now let your members exercise their right to pay digitally for Renewals, PT, Group Class, Cafe or buy merchandise from the Pro Shop - it’s all secured and peace of mind guaranteed !

Asset Management

Manage your assets efficiently. Purchase of material, Warranty, AMC period - its’s all in here. Whether equipment AMC or periodic visits for AC maintenance - get an alert prior to the event and an automated mail to the service provider.

Electronic Lockers

Unlike the conventional lock-and- key lockers, the smart wristbands provide easy access and maximum security. The gym can brand these waterproof bands which take care of Access Control as well as Cafeteria Billing. Cutting edge or need of the hour?

Exception Reporting

Get an alert in your email for the Follow Ups missed by your sales team or Assessments missed by the trainers. SMS alert when a member jumps the system. Now isn’t this exactly what you were looking for?

InBody Integration

Body Composition Analysis from InBody gets seamlessly integrated into FM, thus showing accurate BCA results to the trainer and month-on- month progress of every body part. Member gets to see the same in his App. Fiction ????

Diet and Workout

Dietitian can plan a Diet or trainer can design a Workout Card using our ready Excel templates which push data in real-time, thus reflecting in the App. Brilliant, isn’t it ?

Tally Integration

Every entry from FM gets exported to Tally at Day Close. P&L and Balance Sheet can be generated from Tally, by entering the Receipts and Expense Vouchers in FM just once. Can it get any better than this?

Fitness Manager is made for business like yours

"Gold's Gym is the largest International gym chain in the world with over 1.5 lakh members in India at present in 125 operational gyms across 20 states. We needed a gym software to handle all our data and help us in assisting and profiting our members and giving them the best service. We found FM software to do it for us. The software fulfils all our requirements and keeps improvising the same as the demands increases. We have been using FM since inception in 2002 and are still using it. We are very happy with the product and its services. Good job Rahul. Keep it up!"

- Mr. G Ramchandran,
Director, Gold's Gym (India)

"We at Gethin gyms strongly focus in bringing work class service to our global customers. While planning our launch in India we wanted to choose our suppliers who could deliver a high quality service. While doing our study for selection of our Gym management software, we were recommended Anayan's FM multiple times. Post meeting Mr. Rahul, we were convinced that his expertise backed with 20 years of experience in the industry was exactly what we needed. We are proud and happy to be associated with the innovator and pioneer for our gym chain."

- Mr. Jag Chima,
CEO, Kris Gethin Gyms

“I have known Rahul since 2004 when the fitness industry was still in its nascent stage and we needed a software for our gym, Chisel. After looking and asking around, his name popped up most. So, I contacted him and had the first version software installed. At that time, we had only 200 or so active members and 1 centre. Today we have anywhere between 18000-20000 members in 16 franchise centers with Virat Kohli coming in as the face of CHISEL. We continue to use his software to manage our membership data. This trust is based on the exemplary service provided by him and his team through the years. Prompt responses to requests is one feature that stands out. FM has given my company a big advantage. I strongly recommend it.”

- Ms. Satya Sinha,
MD, Chisel Fitness LLP

How We Help You Grow Your Business

Increase revenue

Increase In Revenue

With your gym empowered with FM, the increase in business is sharp. The follow-up mechanism, SMS and email utilities, App for members and a host of other services, make your clients stick to you. You can focus on your business, while we take care of you.

Instant support

Instant Support

FM has been known as a strong and robust software solution since 20 years. But training and support is always needed when you are a new gym or an existing setup with a new team. We are always a phone call away for instant support and it’s unlimited!

Fitness membership advantage

Member Advantage

A mobile app designed exclusively for members help them track their progress, view their attendance & payment history, Diet Plan, BCA and Workout Schedule. Booking appointments and posting a feedback had never been this easy and private.


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